Thursday, July 1, 2010

the dicks - 14" of....

HATE THE POLICE released 1980
PEACE? released 1984

these boys from austin,tx could be compared to black flag as they were both bands that started out as a straightforward punk band but later morphed into something else (black flag going into a more free jazz/hardcore direction...the dicks going into a more rock/blues direction)

the butthole surfers liked them (writing the song "gary floyd" after the band's singer)...mudhoney liked them (covering the song "hate the police")...and the jesus lizard like them (covering the song "wheelchair epidemic")

so that means you should like them too

DL: hate the police
DL: peace?


convertido said...

Great selections, never can go wrong with a Texas band.

chris_c said...

PEACE - what a 7"! a stone cold classic - music to riot to!

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