Tuesday, June 29, 2010

regicide - you're such a disappointment

released 1996 prehaps?

this demo was brought to my attention not so subtly by SGM's own masonic dildo (in case you hadn't noticed...we all have our own nicknames around here...and yes...we wander around neighborhoods dressed in a manner such a gwar...but sexier)

you see...grAy was apparently quite the fellow about the scene in atlanta,ga back in the day (and if you're lucky enough to run into him by the water cooler (which you will..because he lives there) maybe he'll spin some tales from times past for you)

he pointed me in the direction of this article but told me to avoid listening to the demo as i didn't need to go that far into the experience (but told me in a i-hate-you-get-away-from-me-hey-where-are-you-going type of manner)...but of course...me being the curious cat i am...did the exact opposite

and if you go and read the article (which you should)...you'll notice the band has that early/mid 1990's hardcore look about them...which i'd pointed out to grAy by asking if they played something akin to something that would've been found on victory records during that time period...to which he answered by throwing a table at me (you see...when it comes to victory records...it's a sore subject that's only spoken in hushed tones around the office...most of you probably remember the grand victory fallout of '09)...but then he says "waitaminute...deadguy were on victory...so maybe we did"

so....enough with the words

if you like you some early/mid 90's hardcore (even if it wasn't on victory)...a little powerviolence edge...some black flag (of course)...

DL: you're such a dissapointment

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