Monday, June 7, 2010

Unwound + Versus - Split

Label: Troubleman
Year: 2000

Before Versus, there was a band called Flower, and after Flower, there was a band called Unwound. Versus and Unwound each picked a Flower song they liked, learned it (presumably easier for Versus since, you know, they had been in Flower), recorded it, and put it out on this cute little 7". Easy.
Now, it's no secret how much I like Unwound. I believe that has been made very clear, and I see no reason to reiterate that love now. Versus was a band I never really "liked" per se. They had one record that I can't remember the title of right now, that I did have (or still have I suppose) that was good, but otherwise they were a little too tame for my tastes. Which is strange considering how tame some of my record collection is, so maybe "tame" isn't the right descriptor, but they named themselves after a Mission Of Burma song if that tells you anything.
Their track is pleasant enough indie rock though, so I'm fine with it.
I won't pretend to say I ever heard Flower, so I don't know how these stack up to the originals, but if you like Unwound, then you should peep it. Unwound is worth the price of admission, which in this case is free, so not the greatest endorsement or analogy, but the point is, they are good, I love them, and this song is neat. There.


kittyempire said...

Thanks again Gray. Unwound is always gold, don't mind Versus either. Nice write up, except for the parts that were highlighted in green of course! Let's just say I subscribe to your ideas about crass commercialism....

reservatory said...

Very cool, and much appreciated. The green slime is a little disconcerting, though. Whatever. THANKS for some Unwound I didn't know about.

Kevin said...

I'm in the same boat. My Unwound side got played constantly. The Versus side, not so much. Maybe once. Great Unwound track though. And not to hijack the thread, but speaking of Troubleman, I just posted the first TMU release, the Superpowers Cassette earlier this week:

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