Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Schweinhund - Bastard 7"

Label: Mans Ruin
Year: 1995

Another two song dandy from the Man's Ruin stable, this one from the otherwise unheard-of Norwegian band Schweinhund. It's more metallic than most Man's Ruin releases, with nary a hint of "desert rock" to be found. It's more of a straight up overdriven rock sound that occasionally sounds like newer Metallica (which...yeah...I know), but with blown out vocals and the stray organ line to mix things up.
It's short, give it a shot.


TONA said...

Never heard of these guys before, not bad at all.
Luckily, im not hearing that metallica anywhere.

Captain Spaulding said...

Yea! Man's Ruin releases are up there with titties and beer. Good stuff.

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