Sunday, June 20, 2010

1.6 Band - The Checkered Pasts Of All Kings Present

Label: Metastasis
Year: 2010

The band made this record available for free online, or you could order a copy of the 7" from Metastasis as a result of some reunion type shows they were playing. It's new material, but it pretty much sounds like the last stuff they put out before calling it a day back in 1993.

Quick question; was anyone reading this not alive in 1993? I'm just curious.

Back to blog post. You'll have to excuse the record's cover as it's an abomination of graphic shits and giggles at the highest level. I'm sure that's someone in the band's kid, and I mean no offense to the boy, but the composition, the faux graffiti band logo, and the font choice for the title really don't do justice to the music within. If you were a fan of mid-90s emo, then you owe this band a debt of gratitude as they helped invent that style of spazzy drumming, off-kilter guitar riffing, and hardcore attitude. As if Swiz and Bastro and Rites Of Spring had a three-way. Or something slightly less sexual. Or more sexual.

Highly recommended.

Oh, and happy father's me.


proven hollow said...

excellent, i knew nothing about this "record" so this makes me "excited." i have always loved this band. they seemed to be on some next level shit back in the day, and for some reason people just didn't "get it." not sure why. i guess record covers like this didn't help. i would absolutley pass up an album that looked like this while flipping through gavin's cavalcade of screaming records from yugoslaviastan bins. but i dont remember their previous albums looking as dumb as this. anyway...mny point being. they were fucking a billion times better and more talented that whatever shitbird haircut band was polpular and worshipped in the scene at the time. so fuck san diego,

Gray said...

Not sure the anti-San Diego rant was necessary, but regardless, point taken.

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