Monday, May 31, 2010

Wrangler Brutes - 16 Song Cassette

Label: WBR (self released)
Year: 2003

This 'lil gem was first posted over on sister blog Colostomy Grab Bag back when nobody ever checked it, and before it shit the bed, only to be reborn and have nobody check it. Sooooo, I figured I'd do it up Shiny Grey Monotone style cause you probably missed it otherwise.
The personnel on this record are no joke, you got:
Brooks Headley (Universal Order Of Armagesson, [Young] Pioneers, Born Against, Skull Kontrol, Body Part)
Cundo Si Murad (Nazti Skins, Le Shok)
Andy Coronado (Nazti Skins, Skull Kontrol, Monorchid, Body Part)
Sam McPheeters (Born Against, Mens Recovery Project, Patrick Henry impersonations)
And musically, this was a return to hardcore form for these dudes after farting around with more noisy projects, and whatnot. So you end up with a Black Flag approach as played by noise rock guys, and that's not too bad. Not too bad at all. Sam McPheeters being who he is, and having the personality he has, dominates the proceedings with the lyrical style he perfected in Born Against, just before crawling up his own ass and making each performance an attempt to "outsmart" his audience. It was good to have him back in top form.
All in all, it's a scorcher, and perfect for an especially aggro lawn mowing session, or whatever the fuck you do on a Saturday afternoon. Good shit. Go break something.


Anonymous said...

I don't have a lawn but I look forward to cleaning my shower totally pissed

Anonymous said...

Ok, SGM is now my favourite music blog on the Interwebs. I was hoping there would be a mention of Born Against/Sam M. somewhere around here as I no longer own their nifty vinyl platters. If this project sounds remotely like "Riding With Mary", a happy woman you've made. Cheers yet again. -M

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