Monday, May 17, 2010

melvins - the bride screamed murder (a mini review)

when june 1st rolls better had been camped out in front of your local music store since may 31st

now i know in the past that i'd said that i'd found the last couple melvins albums boring and that i missed the days of the meltrio (it's a word...look it up)

well...seeing as how i possess a time machine...i'm here to tell you that the band has somehow managed to travel back in time 15 years and released some of their best stuff to date

and now i'm gonna give you 2 reasons as to why you need to purchase this album:

1: their cover of the who's "my generation"

2: there's a guitar solo straight out of the 1970's (in a good way) somewhere on the album

3: because it's the melvins,ya ass

yes...i'm aware there's 3 when i said i'd give 2...but there are some folks out there that need to have that #3 thrown at them

so go and make sure you have a sleeping bag and plenty of snacks...and make sure to wear your king buzzo wig like a true melvins superfan

and just so you know...i'm going to cut in front of you in line

if you'd like to have some audio samples of the album...there on the youtubes...but should've already known that...because it's the melvins,ya ass


Matthew said...

I was going to comment about "Dies Iraea" (The Shining) being on NWBoots and not TBSMurder, stopped, realized that I check this site daily, then I come back and the reasons list has shrunk to three !
Did I imagine it ?

brain fart.
keep up the good work -

ipecac said...

well, would appear that you walked into something you weren't supposed to see

now...i usually don't give any kind of warning for what is about to seem like a good egg...and i wouldn't want you to get you should leave your house now...pack only the essentials...but before you go...stock your refrigerator...make sure there's plenty of toilet paper in the bathroom...and leave the remote to the tv on the table

there's a man on his way over to your house...that's all i can really tell you

if you happen to look outside and see a le car parked across the's already to late

so i'd recommend that you leave right away...and just to be safe...stay away for at least a week or two

if you happen to come back any sooner...we're not responsible for any stains or smells

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