Monday, May 17, 2010

drugs,firearms and fornicating in the streets

hey kids

miss me?

i've come back from my trip

it was a little too early in the morning to creep into your room to let you know i'm home ( law...i'm no longer allowed to do those types of things...i'm not allowed to talk about it)

as you can see by the picture up above...seeing as how homeland security wouldn't allow an SGMfest to happen...the good folks over at amphetamine reptile took it upon themselves to do it (and cleverly disguised it as a 25th anniversary celebration)

when i first heard about this...i was all like "oh man! i have to tell everyone! here kitty kitty!"

but then it hit me...there's this new fangled thing called the interwebs...and it magically allows people to know things

and then i came here and saw that SGMer cara had already made a post about it (but with my new and improved get to see the new flyer)

if you go can find out all kinds of information on the shindig

it even has a counter to see how close you are to becoming a loser for not going (as of this posting...there's 550 tickets just sitting there waiting for you)

i brought back all kinds of new things for you people...and as soon as i'm able to coax them out of the basement...i'll be sharing

it was nice to see that fred made a few appearances in my absence...he doesn't seem to come around all that much anymore because i walked in on him trying to copy his urine...he got all shy after that...but anyone that urinates on a copy machine so they can share it with others is ok by hopefully he decides to make a come back

and for all of you holding the place down while i was gone...thumbs up to you...and you can be expecting a special coupon to the pigfuckapalooza being held in the basement

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