Thursday, April 15, 2010

Hey Colossus - Project Death

Label: Shifty / Jonson Family / Under Hill / Rimbaud
Year: 2007

More Hey Colossus, more deafening sludge noise, more mammoth riffing, more, more, more. Not to mention the meat cleaver on the cover, that's got to be good for something, right? You can't have a meat cleaver drenched in blood on your record if you don't mean business can you? Unless your actual "business" is butchery. Hmmm. That throws a real wrinkle into my perception of this album. Could Hey Colossus actually be garde manger chefs, responsible for the charcuterie of their respective kitchens? Is this music intended to emulsify their venison with fat, rendering it a smooth, spiced forcemeat?
That would explain a lot.


psychoboy said...

Thanks for the bloody blade !!!!

psychoboy said...
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Anonymous said...

Have you got their latest (with Van Halen Times Capsule)? Good Britons

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