Sunday, April 11, 2010

4 DAYS OF NIRVANA - Day Four (Music Source Studios January 1, 1991)

Recorded on New Years 1991, the recording features demo takes of a few songs that either went unreleased (but re-recorded during the nevermind sessions and released on WTLO), or later re-recorded and released on In Utero two years later. Most of these feature scratch vocals, but in the very least they offer an embryonic glimpse at a couple IU tracks.

Music Source Studios; January 1st, 1991


Oh The Guilt
Radio Friendly Unit Shifter
On A Plain
All Apologies
Token Eastern Song



Anonymous said...

Thank you. Great Blog

Brian Haslip said...

There are a couple more songs from this session as well:

Aneurysm (Track 1)
Even In His Youth (Track 6)

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