Saturday, March 6, 2010


Label: Rough Trade/Beechwood
Released 1993

Put out by the holy grail of record stores in London, Rough Trade. As the cover of this compilation suggests Rough Trade bring together 10 songs from US import 7" records from the early 90's (and one from 89). Bands you all know and love(?) and perhaps there may be a track or two on this that escaped you. On the CD we have:

1 Atomic 61 - RIP
2 Mudwimmin - Wild Bill
3 Mule - Tennessee Hustler
4 Love Cup - Tearing Water
5 Action Swingers - Bum My Trip
6 Tulips - Choco Pig
7 Mantis - Who Wants To Be A Camel?
8 Meathooks - The Hell Generator Dub
9 Honeymoon Killers - Kansas City Milkman
10 Cell - Never Too High


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Anonymous said...

Please please please can you re-upload this?! I would be so grateful! This is such a great comp, I Iost it when I changed laptops :(

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