Saturday, March 6, 2010

the misfits - evilive

released 1987

you know...i can't believe that we've gone on this long and not had any misfits around the SGM (well...there's the tribute comp that was posted awhile back...and the random covers)

we have the black flags...the bad brains...the dead kennedys...

and now you can have this

and maybe i'm still riding the WHOOOOOOOOAWAVE from just finishing up what i like to call a danztravaganza on the other radio show

you should already know this band

it's sloppy

it's for folks that find it too hard to count past 4

it's for folks that like black

and i have to say that even though he's tiny in stature...when it comes down to threatening punk rock presences...i'd have to put my money down on glenn danzig to actually come down off the stage and strangle you for whatever reason (as heard on the song "horror business")

this is made up of 2 different shows on opposite sides of the country (1-7: 12.17.81 - the ritz - new york,ny / 8-12: 11.20.81 - on boradway - san francisco,ca)

1 - 20 eyes
2 - night of the living dead
3 - astro zombies
4 - horror business
5 - london dungeon
6 - nike-a-go-go
7 - hatebreeders
8 - devil's whorehouse
9 - all hell breaks loose
10 - horror hotel
11 - ghoul's night out
12 - we are 138*

*=featuring henry rollins on back up vocals

DL: evilive


HahahhaHa said...

Damn the firewall got a workout during that download but no chimpface cocksucker wannabes got through though. At least it wasn't some bullshit bitrate. Ever seen that video where Danzig gets knocked the fuck out by a Fear Factory member it is fucking laugh out loud funny.

laughs-alot said...

Whoops it is The Northside Kings singer that knocks Glenn out don't know how/why Fear Factory got mixed in.

ipecac said...

maybe you thought the singer for the north side kings was a balding dino cazares

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