Tuesday, March 2, 2010

clutch - impetus ep/pitchfork & lost needles

impetus ep released 1997
pitchfork & lost needles released 2005

i got into a discussion with someone in the KAOS chatroom last sunday during the radio show

it started when i'd played the song "kemosabi" by the band honkeyball

"this song sounds like clutch" he said (and if you've heard aforementioned song...i'm pretty sure you'd agree...i'm thinking the band was a pretty big fan of clutch's TRANSITIONAL SPEEDWAY LEAGUE album back in the day)

and then we started discussing the current state of the band...and we both agreed that their music started getting kind of sounds the same-ish after their THE ELEPHANT RIDERS album (though i do like JAM ROOM...it's different in a SELF-TITLED kind of way...and i like that)

and i feel the same way about clutch that i feel about the melvins...they need to go back to their old ways...the melvins need to travel back to the trio days...clutch needs to go back to their more hardcore-ish sound (progression in regression...could work)

my first foray into clutchland was hearing the song "juggernaut" on the radio back in the day...and from that moment on i signed my name on the fucking right i'm a fan dotted line...i mean...even though i said what i said earlier on...any clutch song is still a good clutch song

i was originally going to post just the IMPETUS ep...but the more i looked at it...i decided to tack on the other one as well because they're both good showings of what the band used to sound like

IMPETUS is pretty much the PASSIVE RESTRAINTS ep and the PILE DRIVER 12" combined along with a demo of the song "impetus"

PITCHFORK & LOST NEEDLES combines their PITCHFORK 7" with 3 previously unreleased demos...2 outtakes from their ROBOT HIVE/EXODUS album...and a previously unreleased song

DL: impetus ep
DL: pitchfork & lost needles


Anonymous said...

Hi Ipecac, thx for posting the Clutch ep and album!!!!
I totally agree with you what you said about the Melvins. As we mentioned, most band of the "oldschool" had their highlights in the 90s. Anyway, there are a lot of good bands nowadays as well. Have you listen to Colour Haze, great psychedelic stoner from Germany?

Greetz, soundsgood

Anonymous said...

Hey Ipecac, got any Hosemobile?

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