Saturday, February 13, 2010


Label: C/Z Records
Released 1991

Compiles the five singles released in the series, with a fetching album cover congratulating them on their achievement. A grunge compilation for the most but with a few noisy nicks here and there. Bought mainly for the Jonestown track and there is some old 3-piece from Seattle called "Near Eric Bana" or something. Never heard of them myself.

Track Listing:
Alice Donut - Mrs. Hayes
Amorphous Head - Lonely, Lonely
Babes in Toyland - Flesh Crawl
Coffin Break - Hole in the Ground
Helios Creed - America Is in Good Hands
Daddy Hate Box - Look Like Hell
Dickless - Sweet Teeth
Frightwig - Hellway to High
Gas Huffer - Hijacked
God's Acre - Wood
Hullabaloo - Kill Yr. Parents
Icky Joey - Josephine
Jonestown - Fuck Your High and Get You Up
L7 - Bloodstains
My Name - Hold On
Nirwana - Mexican Seafood
Pittbull Babysitter - Head Talks Cheese
Porn Orchard - What Kills
Vexed - Gwym
Yeast - Solid Alligators



Anonymous said...

Is that Jonestown song a straightedge version of the Dwarves Fuck You Up and Get High or something?

zokuchou said...


noisebreather said...

I think there is some kind of theme here: the Frightwig song sounds a little like AC/DC's "Highway to Hell" & Dickless' "Sweet teeth" is a blatant nod to "Sweet Leaf" (Black Sabbath)

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