Saturday, February 13, 2010

Henrietta Collins & The Wife-Beating Child-Haters - drive by shooting

released 1987

49 years ago today the world was given henry lawrence garfield

after this...they became known as the rollins band

in the space of this ep...there's a bit o' late black flag felt...and you get a wire cover...and their interpretation of a queen classic...and a touch of the beach boys

DL: drive by shooting


Anonymous said...

The cover art is an actual "Dust Head" on Venice Beach! Thanks! Now I don't have to rip my vinyl copy!

James Joyce said...

I really wish Rollins would have kept this and the Hot Animal Machine vibe going in his solo work. It just got way too serious too quick. I used to listen to this record at my friend Miles' house in middle school, that album was almost a new release at that time.

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