Saturday, February 20, 2010

nirvana - outcesticide now you probably know that today would've been kurt cobain's 43rd birthday had he not blew out the candles 16 years ago

some of you may even know that there's been some talking going on about a kurt cobain bio-flick loosely based on the book HEAVIER THAN HEAVEN (if you haven't read it...i suggest you take a walk down to your local bookstore and "borrow" it)...if it does manage to actually happen...i hope it's better than the other cobain flick LAST DAYS (it was never really said that it was about him...but come on...) that was released back in 2005

and to show appreciation of the man and his music on his birthday...i present you with the OUTCESTICIDE series

with all of this get every demo/live demo/alternate version/alternate version demo/live/live cover/live alternate version/previously unreleased/studio outtake/previously unreleased studio outtake/previously unreleased live studio outtake demo (you get the idea) that you can think of

and some of you are probably looking at the picture up above and saying to yourself "weren't there a few more folks that were members of nirvana at one time? where are they?"

where are they?

DL: outcesticide I: in memory of kurt cobain
DL: outcesticide II: the needle & the damage done
DL: outcesticide III: the final solution
DL: outcesticide IV: rape of the vaults
DL: outcesticide V: disintegration
DL: outcesticide VI
DL: outcesticide VII
DL: outcesticide VIII


pinto said...

What was wrong with "Last Days?" I'm sure the Hollywood Bio you speak of will make Kurt roll over in his grave. Maybe I'm being a little cynical of a movie that hasn't even been made yet and I've heard all about this movie being in development. I just don't know... I'm worried that it'll turn into everything that Kurt despised. But we'll see I guess. I've read "Heavier Than Heaven" which I enjoyed and I'm hoping for the best but I have this terrible feeling about it. Maybe it's because of Courtney's involvement. God, I hate her. Call me a pessimist but there are so many ways that his life story could be fucked up by a big movie studio. I'll be more than happy to eat my words if this movie ends up being good but what do I know. I'm one of the few people that actually liked "Last Days." Good post by the way. Thanks

Earweed said...

Hey Ipecac

what do the links contain in general?

is this material from the "With the Light Out"?


hans said...

There was a record store in Worcester, MA that had the box set of these for $150. I passed on picking it up for about 2 years. I finally went in one day with the intention of purchasing it and it was gone! I've been searching for these ever since that day. Thanks so much!

ipecac said...

i know the first volume was released in 1994

as for the others...they'd been released throughout the mid 90's to the early part of the 00's

and i'm pretty sure that some of the stuff was also included on WITH THE LIGHTS OUT as all of the nirvana rarities albums are pretty incestuous

kittyempire said...

Thanks for this. Still my favourite band of all time. I wonder who'll play Kurt if the movie gets made? That will be the dealbreaker.

hans said...

I've heard that Ryan Gosseling is playing Kurt. That was a while ago though, so it may have changed.

Generic Cialis said...

I never knew about this one, It has to be awesome as well, as all of Nirvana's records.

rollwnirvana said...

This was originally a series of 4 or 5 vols. I bought 3 of them in L.A. a short time after Kurt's death(turns out they were cdr's; I was young and didn't know any better- paid A Lot!)

This is basically a watered down version of the original series... still good, but the person that made this just added a bunch of live songs to it. If you're unfamiliar with Nirvana's rare music, this is a good place to start...

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