Saturday, February 27, 2010

Mlijeko - grobnica za borisa beckera

released 2010

continuing our travels around the globe...

this was sent to us by the guitar player for the band that goes by the name of filip

these folks are from croatia

this is the band's first album...and they decided to release it here on the SGM

you know...i don't know what we did to make bands like us so much...but i assure didn't involve sending out any pictures of us dressed in animal costumes frolicking around in the forest and whatnot

but we're not above doing so

actually...there's about 99% of us that are all for it...there are a few folks that find that sort of behavior "demeaning"...a good childhood ruins it for the rest of us

but back to the band and it's music

from the opening guitar/bass play of the first song screams "we really like what fugazi did during the SELF-TITLED EP/MARGIN WALKER-era"

and you know what?

so do i

their space

DL: grobnica za borisa beckera

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