Monday, January 18, 2010

Whitey (ex-Glazed Baby)

Label : Potential Nightmare
Released : 2010

 Whitey is the aftermath of dicked-over major label act Glazed Baby. Whitey was formed by Glazed Baby front man and bassist Andy, sometime in 2006 (that's my guess). This is a comp of material that spans over four releases. If you like what you hear, stroll on over to the band's website and check what they have for sale, and if they happen to hit your town, go see them live. - Slander Bob



julius orange said...

glazed baby was fucking great. i booked them at my college way back in like '96 i think. it was a Glazed Baby/Shiv double bill. they were all super cool too.

didn't realize they had started this band. sounds god though.

Josh said...

major label?

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