Monday, January 18, 2010


Label: Hit & Run
Released 1990

I *heart* the internet & this album is great! Without the internet there would have been little chance in hell that I would have been able to track this LP down & I'm glad I did. One of those strange albums that was recorded many years before it was released. Originally recorded in 1983 but not making it to vinyl until 1990. Probably ahead of their time the album has a post punk sound but to me it doesn't sound like 1983. Formed in Cleveland by the late & great Jim Jones and joined by ex-Kneecappers singer Chris Yarmock, bassist Charlie Ditteaux and drummer Linda Hudson. This should appeal to all that visit here.


After posting this I've just found out that there is a CD/DVD just released of all the work that they put out. So to respect the work that the label did in putting this out then I shall post the link for that here.


h2o said...

Fucking spectacular record. Permanent Records in Chicago recently made a warehouse find and was selling them for $10 a pop. Again, bad ass record. Thanks for posting it.

Anonymous said...

hi dude,
great record. It has nothing to do with this post, but Do you have the chance post the Shiv cd Fyayed and ashamed? this would be great do you know shiv


zokuchou said...

Sorry, no dice mi amigo

Jeff Reding said...

Ok, so I've been poking around here for hours and have found some really cool stuff, some really big disappointments (removed pages) and really a lot of stuff I had no interest in (total honesty, yeah?). But first I stumble on My dad is Dead who's been knocking around here in Cleveland for almost 3 decades now (!!!!!!!!!), split some time ago and just did a 'final' show I wasn't able to go to. So, that was cool. But then I happened on Pere Ubu's Datapanik in the Year Zero (a must for anyone who even thinks about post-punk.) THIS is the real deal - even if Cleveland's foolish straight-laced crowd could never get the hang of - so they moved to London and became huge international stars - except here at home. But there is a big reunion (or did I miss it already?) of the 'Ubu House' crowd (that's the house on the front of the Dub Housing album). So that was very cool. BUT the topper of all the toppers was the Easter Monkeys Splendor of Sorrow album. This was one of my absolute favourite bands back in the early 80s (along with Lucky Pierre, Baloney Heads and Wild Giraffes). When one of our cooler clubs closed down there was a big party with a ton of bands and I got a Monkeys reunion together for the night, and it had been like half a dozen years since their last show. I shot the show and I hope one of these days to get some of that night's festivities up on YouTube. Meanwhile, if you're interested, you can check out my page at (where I posted an interview I did with the Easter Monkeys while they were still together) and my YouTube channel. You can search for vidmagmedia on either site. So, as I work backwards through your posts i look forward to some more really awesome stuff!! Thanks for posting these.

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