Saturday, January 2, 2010

sweet 75 - self-titled

released 1995

after"split up" of nirvana...this was the direction krist novoselic went into (a not so poppy direction as bandmate dave grohl took)

made up of him on guitar...a street performer (no...not that kind of performer) that goes by the name of yva las vegas (who was originally hired by novoselic's wife for his birthday) doing vocals and playing bass...and a revolving door or drummers (jawbox's adam wade...minstry's bill rieflin...and gina mainwal...who later went onto play in the no wto combo with novoselic/jello biafra/kim thayil)

this was the band's only album (though there is a bootleg floating around called TRUCKED UP FUCKSTOP...and if anyone has that...drop a note)...they split up back in 2000 over some good ol' fashioned "creative differences"

DL: sweet 75
(link fixed)


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this! The file seems to be corrupt, however. :(

WilliamFlipper said...

This album is quite good.. so much better than a lot of stuff from the same period.

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