Friday, January 1, 2010

soundgarden - 7.22.92 - lollapalooza - kitsap county fairgrounds - bremerton,wa

falling in line with the recent outbreaks of bands getting back together...chris cornell twattered sometime last night that "the 12 year break is over & school is back in session. knights of the soundtable ride again!"

and in case you're too thick to get that...after it being mentioned in an interview with chris cornell back in '05 (and was echoed by other members) that soundgarden would more than likely not get back together...the man is now eating crow

really? you still don't get it?

THE BAND IS GETTING BACK TOGETHER! (sorry i had to yell...but sometimes you leave me no bring this kind of stuff on yourself!...ok...i need to go into the next room and pound on my incredible hulk punching bag...)


i had hoped for such a thing after the split up of audioslave

the wheels for this thing were probably set into motion back in october of this year when all the members were in the same place for a one off temple of the dog reunion during a pearl jam show as part of an encore...chris cornell joined the band to do the song "hunger strike" (in case you didn't know...temple of the dog was made up of pearl jam sans vedder and soundgardeners chris cornell and matt cameron)

now they can carry on with the awesomeness they left off on with the DOWN ON THE UPSIDE album (hopefully...and yes grAy...i dig the shit outta that album)

and perhaps dave grohl will see this and snap out of his foo fighters phase and go back to what he's supposed to do (but that's another rant for another time)

but enough with the words

on with the music

1 - gun
2 - jesus christ pose
3 - outshined*
4 - big dumb sex
5 - ugly truth
6 - rusty cage
7 - slaves & bulldozers
8 - searching with my good eye closed

*=eddie vedder provides back up vocals

DL: soundgarden@lollapalooza '92

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