Thursday, January 14, 2010

the jesus lizard - inch

released 2009

you probably already know the story with this

touch and go records remastered the PURE/HEAD/GOAT/LIAR/DOWN albums last year...and then they thought they'd give the music nerds even more to celebrate by remastering and releasing some 7" that had been out of print for quite awhile...and then they upped the ante by making only 2000 sets available on one day and one day only (april 18th...record store day)

and this is what you got in a handy little bag:

chrome/7 vs 8 7"

mouthbreather/sunday you need love 7"

wheelchair epidemic/dancing naked ladies 7"

gladiator*/seasick* 7"

puss 7"

lash 3x 7" (glamourous/deaf as a bat...lady shoes*/killer mchann*...bloody mary*/monkey trick*)

fly on the wall/white hole 7"


so snag this up while you can

this is me challenging touch and go to a staring contest

but touch and go...i love you,baby
you're the queen/king of my world

DL: inch

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