Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Fuckemos + Motards - Split 7"

Label: Little Deputy
Year: 1995

Four songs, 45 rpm, total awesomeness.
The Fuckemos have been posted here before, so you should have a general idea what they're all about, but if not, think warped, countrified, noise rock. The vocals being the real standout, as they are tweaked and modified to sound like a dying version of the Buffalo Bill character from Silence Of The Lambs. "It puts the lotion on its skin", indeed!
Motards are ripping garage-punk not unlike a Supersuckers, or maybe a bit of Zeke. Good stuff.
But honestly, the whole thing is over in under seven minutes, so put it on as the soundtrack for your next bowel movement and see if it doesn't get shit moving (literally), and if not, oh well, you can always go back to your old standby, Bette Midler. Life could be worse. What am I even talking about? For real, why are my fingers typing this shit? I need to stop. Good night.


convertido said...

thanks for this one. Anything with the Motards is always welcome. The wife still has not forgiven me for taking her to see them on Valentine's Day back in '95 or so. She was expecting a romantic evening instead she got bear, spit, nudity, and obnoxiousness...those were days, those were days. . .

ipecac said...

would she rather such a thing happen at home?

Gray said...

Wow, that is a romantic story, I bet you got a little extra lucky that night.

Kind of similar, but kind of different; once my older sister was visiting me in college, and she just said she wanted to go hear some music that night, but didn't specify what. So, like any younger brother would do, I took her to see Cows at the 40 Watt in Athens. She lasted the whole show, but I don't think she "enjoyed" much of it. She was a trooper you Jenny!

convertido said...

I think what ruined it for her was that all the evenings events kicked off with my friend dropping his pants and igniting a shit-storm of chaos int he bar. If memory serves once his bvd's hit his ankles she screamed with horror in my ear, "is that a kitten in his ass?" She then answered her own questions realizing he's just that hairy. Hats off to her, we've been together 16 years this year. I miss the Motards. Everytime I saw them, whether in Austin or Dallas, it verged on chaos at some point in the show; mind you it was never as bad as a Crust show, no raw meat or diapers. . . thank the lord for small mercies.

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