Friday, January 22, 2010

Cop Shoot Cop - Peel Session 1991

Label: Bootleg
Year: 1991

That John Peel and his sessions, I mean, what can you say? That show captured pretty much the cream of the crop (I suppose they also got the cream of the crap as well) over the course of more than 4000 recordings. When I was a kid, I used to always wonder "what the fuck is a 'Peel Session'?", having no idea that Peel was a last name. I assumed it was some sort of musicians slang for a quick recording or something. I was (an still am) a very simple and mostly stupid person, so you'll have to excuse me. But my first exposure were the albums and cassettes that all had the same generic gray/black/white covers with the band name across the top and then listed every other band Peel had recorded in a box below. Remember those? They were ubiquitous in every record store in the 80s, but I had no clue really what that cover meant. I would just think, "oh Siouxsie and Banshees have a new 12" out?", and then go about looking for D.R.I. cassettes or something. Actually, that's not really true, because after "Four Of A Kind" I wasn't in the market for any new D.R.I., so I rarely scoured the bins looking for them. C.O.C., maybe, but not D.R.I.
Sidebar: bands today don't employ the acronym as moniker like they used to. Why is that?
Back to this post: So here's the first Cop Shoot Cop Peel Session (they recorded again in 1992), and it's four songs, all bruisers, all pristinely recorded, and all awesome. If you're a fan, you really need these versions, they're great.


kittyempire said...

You wouldn't be the first person to wonder what a 'Peel Session' was. I asked the same question when I first got into Nirvana in the 90s.

Two things have always impressed me about Peel and his Sessions:
1) How good they sound.
2) How old he was when he recorded most of them.

That a bloke who'd been on the radio for about 10,000 years would still have the good sense to record a band like Cop Shoot Cop is a wonderful thing.

Thanks for this one... great, great band.

breese78 said...

Thanks for posting this!

The post says its the one from 1991 but the folder says its 1992. The BBC John Peel site seems to indicate that this is indeed the 1991, but Phil Puleo's site says this is 1992. Oh well.

Regardless, does anybody have a recording of the other session?

Gray said...

Yeah, the label on the folder is fucked, sorry about that. This is the 1991 session for sure.

I unfortunately don't have the 1992 one. I'd love to hear though if anyone wants to share.

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