Thursday, December 24, 2009

Tight Bros. From Way Back When - Take You Higher ep

Label: Ten-In One
Year: 1999

The debut 7" from the "ex-Karp classic rock band". I think this one has more AC/DC styled energy than the lps, and therefore is better, or more fun, or however you want to look at it. Maybe it's the length too (that's what she said), seven minutes is a pretty good blast of riffing, any more than that and you start to lose impact.
If you're having people over to your house for Christmas as I am, this is a good one to throw on the stereo after an hour of drinking has preceded it. Someone will break something, someone else will projectile vomit across the nativity scene, and someone will strip down to nothing but the stocking hung by chimney with care. If that sounds like something you want to invite into your life, then by all means, get this record into rotation. If you find that kind of behavior reprehensible, then may I suggest a Johnny Mathis Christmas album and a spicy egg nog? 


youngbroose said...

Thank you! Any Chance you can re-up LEND YOU A HAND?

Oh, and Merry Amrep Xmas, Gr(a)ey.

1009 said...

Thanks and merry xmas!

Anonymous said...

re-up brosss

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