Saturday, December 26, 2009

from the blue oyster bar to hells angel rally : the ministry discography

i had planned on having this ready for you on christmas morning so you'd have something to look for under the tree...but mother nature and santa and the internet were having none of that (they're all very sore losers when it comes to losing at strip poker...which contradicts their "three the hard way" posting they made over on craigslist)

so here it is...a day later

"i'm gonna be famous someday"
-al jourgensen

the above quote was told to me by a cousin that lives in chicago...he was at some random apartment with a friend of his sometime in the early 1980's...and there was al jourgensen sitting on the edge of a bed dressed like someone that spoke in a faux english accent (which he did) and played in a synthpop/industrial band in the early 80's (which he did)

we've all heard the stories about ministry...from the drunken debauchery to the possible bestiality to them possibly having a hand in 9/11 (i mean...that would explain the disdain the band had shown for the bush administration...a ploy to shift the attention away from them)

and then there are all of al's side projects: revolting cocks...1000 homo djs...lard...acid horse...ptp...pailhead...most only releasing a few singles (revolting cocks and lard being the only 2 releasing more than one album)

then al got clean and became an imitation of his former self...and i'm not saying that in a hateful way...i celebrate the entire ministry catalog (yes...even the early britpop days)...and after they'd released the PSALM 69 just seemed like they couldn't recapture that old piss and vinegar attitude anymore...until they finally released PSALM 69 pt. 2 (aka "RIO GRANDE BLOOD")...and even then it was "yeah...but it's been done already al"

and then it all came to an end in dublin,ireland on july 18,2008

and was the perfect time for the band to call it a day...they'd done everything they could've possibly done (and then trent reznor followed suit and put nine in nails to bed this year (touring-wise anyway)...there's supposedly going to be new music getting released next year...but honestly...why bother...manufactured angst can only go so far...and it would just be beating a dead horse...i lost interest in the band after THE DOWNWARD SPIRAL...and seeing as how i'm now going on a rant about 90's industrial music...marilyn manson just needs to realize that he doesn't matter anymore and put all of the "ooooh i'm scary and controversial" theatrics to bed and get over puberty...and then there's skinny puppy...i've always been a fan of the band...even when everyone was all outraged that they brought in an electric guitar on THE PROCESS album...though i kind of lost interest in the THE GREATER WRONG OF THE RIGHT album)

moving on

so squeeze yourself into your leather pants...put on your depeche mode t-shirt...lace up your boots...crank the stereo to 11...

but before you go any might want to pull all of the blinds don't want to have another incident you?

DL: i'm falling 12" (1981)
DL: cold life 12" (1982)
DL: work for love 12" (1982)
DL: i wanted to tell her 12" (1983)
DL: revenge (you did it again) 12" (1983)
DL: with sympathy (1983)
DL: work for love (1983)
DL: all day/everyday (is halloween) 12" (1985)
DL: everyday (is halloween) remix/nature of outtakes 12" (1985)
DL: over the shoulder 12" (1985)
DL: the nature of love 12" (1985)
DL: twitch (1986)
DL: twelve inch singles 1981-1984 (1987)
DL: stigmata 12" (1988)
DL: the land of rape and honey (1988)
DL: burning inside 12" (1989)
DL: the mind is a terrible thing to taste (1989)
DL: in case you didn't feel like showing up (live) (1990)*
DL: jesus built my hotrod 12" (1991)
DL: just one fix single (1992)
DL: mix it yourself 2x 12" promo (1992) (
DL: nwo single (1992)
DL: psalm 69 (1992)
DL: box 3 cd single compilation (1993)
DL: just another fix (1993)
DL: the fall/reload 12" (1995)
DL: brick windows promo (1996)
DL: filth pig (1996)
DL: lay lady lay single (1996)
DL: bad blood single (1999)
DL: dark side of the spoon (1999)
DL: greatest fits (2001)
DL: what about us? single (2001)
DL: sphinctour (2002)
DL: animositisomina (2003)
DL: piss cd promo (2003)
DL: twitched (2003)
DL: early trax (2004)
DL: houses of the molé (2004)
DL: side trax (2004)
DL: rantology (2005)
DL: rio grande blood (2006)
DL: rio grande dub ya (2007)
DL: the last sucker (2007)
DL: cover up (2008)
DL: keys to the city (2008)**
DL: adios...puta madres (2009)
DL: the last dubber (2009)

*=the full version
**=a song written for the chicago blackhawks

alain in 1983


Roger Camden said...

you give me so much at one time

thank you

cdb said...

Thanks for this.

ipecac said...

"you give me so much at one time"

ah...prom night

JB said...

Holy ever-lovin' lord . . .

Anonymous said...

Great xmas gift, thanks for the singles, some are very hard to find, Grant

Cara said...


did i ever mention the time i got pulled up on stage and can-can danced with Al at a Revolting Cocks show? It was horrifying and awesome all at once.

Anyways its nice to look back at all this rather than Al Jourgensons christmas album... which is obviously just painful.

ipecac said...

were you close enough to smell the sweat and the bloat?

yeah...i don't even want to hear his christmas business...something tells me that i don't even need to listen to it to say that it's probably just as bad as the COVER UP album

Anonymous said...

Al Jourgensen is a tool. Still, did some mighty fine music. No Big Black, mind you, but good nonetheless. (And Albini is a tool of a different color.) However, you are a wonderful human being, thank you so much. John Pseudonym from Chicago

Bezza said...

the full version of "in cas you didn't feel like showing up" seems to have expired, any chance of a re-up? i take it that it's a vhs rip with Breathe and Land of Rape and Honey?

thanks, bezza

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