Thursday, December 10, 2009

table - wnur session/self-titled

wnur session released 1992
self-titled released 1995

once again by zokuchou mentioning a reminded me that i have some stuff by this band (i'd meant to post it when he had posted a 7" last month...but life and whatnot got in the way of that business)

but here's what i got for you

first get a set they played on the radio station wnur (which includes a song not found anywhere else titled "m.e.g.o.")

and then you get the band's discography (all 8 songs of it)

"who exactly are table?" some of you may be asking yourselves

table were a band out of illinois that helped spearhead that whole "noise rock" thing (and of course...they worked with steve albini)...and during their short existence (1992-1993) they released 2 7" and some random songs

the band's bass player (warren fisher) later went onto play in the electronica band fischerspooner (apparently he's the reason for table splitting up as he had an addiction to heroin...that's sooooo 90's)

so go ahead and pull up a chair...

DL: wnur session
(link fixed?)
DL: self-titled


Mega-leg said...

Heads up...track 5 on the "WNUR" sessions is corrupted.

ipecac said...


i don't know what you folks are doing to make random numbers not want to play with you...but it better stop

now i'm gonna have to go into the closet in the spare room upstairs to have a pep talk with everyone (i don't know why they all go to hide there...maybe it's my box of "toys")

kittyempire said...

Thanks for this one!

Dr. and Mrs. Nick Pyle said...

i have a friend that keeps his copies of their 7"s in a fucking lock box for fear of anything happening to them. their songs are so good that it is physically PAINFUL.

zokuchou said...

Holy shit Batman! What else have you got lurking in that veritable treasure trove that is your PC? Is it a shrine? Do you have trinkets and candles placed around it? The CD is impossible to find these days so great post.

ipecac said...

the only thing i have that would fall under the "shrine" heading is my black velvet elvis background...and he watches over everything

all i have to do is slip a peanut butter and 'nana sammich along with a twinkie into my computer every so often...and he makes sure that all of my children stay safe

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