Thursday, December 10, 2009

nirvana drum tracks

a friend of mine is in a band...and they wrote a song called "dave grohl,put the guitar down...this is an intervention"

no truer words have been spoken/written (well...there probably have been...just go with me here)

i've never really been a foo fighters fan...and the only song i've been able to listen to more than once was a cover of the gary numan jam "down in the park" that was put on the SONGS IN THE KEY OF X: MUSIC FROM AND INSPIRED BY THE X-FILES soundtrack released back in 1996 (and's 1 of 4 reasons to own it...the others being "red right hand" by nick cave and the bad seeds and "star me kitten" by rem w/william burroughs and "unmarked helicopters" by soul coughing)

as you may already know...he played for some band called nirvarna (or something like that) back in the 1990's...and before that he played in a band called scream out of washington dc...and he's played drums in various other bands (queens of the stone age...nine inch nails...killing joke (which is ironic because they tried to sue nirvana over a riff that was "stolen" from their song "eighties" and used in the nirvana song "come as you are"...which i will admit...sounds similar)...tenacious d)

but we're talking about nirvana here

before he joined the band back in 1990...the band had went through a string of drummers: aaron burkhard...dave foster...chad channing...

and then they had some guy named dale crover take over the stool for a was as if it were natural progression...then came dave grohl

it's like nirvana went from ac/dc to being led zeppelin (drummer-wise)

and to be honest with you...the first time i heard nirvana (which was via mtv showing the "smells like teen spirit" video every 10 minutes) i wasn't really all that impressed...but the more i listened to it...the more dave grohl's beating the drums like they owed him money style beat it's way into my head

now i could continue to gush like a head wound about the man...but i'm not going to

this is some nirvana music with everything else turned down (so if you wanted could impress the chicks by throwing this on the stereo and sitting behind a drum kit and be all like "hey ladies...check this action out!"...and you could mime your way into some girl's panties)

so get to stretching

1 - drain you
2 - lounge act
3 - moist vagina
4 - pennyroyal tea (different version)
5 - sappy
6 - very ape

DL: nirvana drum tracks


Roger Camden said...

nice work, sir

G_G said...

"Come As You Are" doesn't sound similar to "Eighties", it sounds EXACTLY LIKE IT.

peskypesky said...

love Nirvana. love Grohl's drumming in Nirvana. fucking detest Foo Fighters.

Mars said...

Me too. Foo Fighters music sounds like it was designed for television commercials.

"Come As You Are" doesn't sound exactly like "Eighties". It's actually a cross between "Eighties" and “Life Goes On” by The Damned from "Strawberries".

I'm willing to bet someone Kurt lived with probably played "Eighties" a lot, Kurt internalized it, forgot it, and then played it thinking he had made it up 'ages ago'.

It's not that strange, especially when drugs are involved.

Thanks for this BTW, my friends 10 year old is a drummer and idolizes Grohl.

Anonymous said...

Fuck you...I love your blog. These are the posts and d/l's I long for and keep combing the blogsiverse (lame) for...


Anonymous said...

It would be nice if you could upload these drum tracks again!

Thank you!

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