Sunday, November 1, 2009

Cop Shoot Cop - 5 Song Demo

Label: Self Released
Year: 1988

For a long time I assumed the name "Cop Shoot Cop" was a description of two police officers in an altercation. You know, one police officer discharging his sidearm on another police officer. Seemed to make perfect sense.
Well, turns out it's not a description of two law dogs unloading on each other, it's a description of a drug addicts day. Cop drugs, shoot drugs, cop more drugs. 
I guess that makes sense too.
This is their first demo. It's rough around the edges, but if you like Cop Shoot Cop then you can handle things being rough around the edges. Also, if you liked those Shithaus demos, you should like this as well.


cdb said...

Welp, that drug addict explanation never even crossed my mind. Always assumed police officers shooting at each other.

Jure P. said...

link is broken :(

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