Saturday, October 31, 2009

tea break

we here at the SGM offices can't allow the halloween season to come and go and not post a little something bloody (the incidents that went down in the break room and bathroom don't count)

who doesn't loathe their job? (let's see a show of hands...and if you actually like your job...even a're's ok...your boss can't see or hear you right now...there you go...though you in the're gonna have to put your BK uniform back on...we don't need the smell of sadness/sweat/onion rings mixing in with everything else around here...)


you don't like your job...and all you look forward to from the time you get there is break time...and it just seems like everything goes on and on and on and on and on and on (and so on and so forth)...and then it finally can finally break away from the herd for some "you time" (be it sitting in your car by yourself "reading"...or seething at yourself in the bathroom mirror...or imbibing some liquid courage)...and then it comes to an end...and everything is still there even though you told everything to burn itself down while you were away

stare at the clock

this is a little flick about a guy that knows your pain

so from everyone here at SGM...we wish you a happy halloween(ie)

DL: tea break

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Anonymous said...

enjoy your break and hey, when you are back, would you have chance to post "Xerxes" by Arcwelder?

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