Wednesday, October 28, 2009

v/a - skin graft covers ac/dc

i wasn't able to find the individual covers for each of you get to look at that

you may recall me posting vol.1 of this series a looooooong time ago when SGM was still in it's infancy...and everyone seemed to like me doing so...and because of'll now get the rest of them

what are you in for with all of this business?...well...if you know anything about skin graft records...that is what's going to happen...and for those of you not this: take off your clothes...cover your body in maple syrup...find a electric grinder...and a piece of sheet metal...and then take all of those things to your local bingo hall and set up shop on a table in the middle of everything...and while your taking the grinder to the sheet metal...continuously step on the cats tail while yelling out ac/dc lyrics...and then after all of this is over...take the woman with the most cigarette stained skin in the joint home for the night

the bands either provide you with an actual cover of a song...or their interpretation of a song

and there you have it

and you know you want it

here we go...

sides 1-4: (released 1995)
DL: 1-4
1 - shellac - '95 jailbreak
2 - big'n - tnt
3 - brice-glace - angus dei aus licht
4 - us maple - sin city

sides 5-6: (released 1997)
DL: 5-6
1 - palace - big balls
2 - zeni geva - let there be rock

sides 7-10: (released 1998)
DL: 7-10
1 - mount shasta - whole lotta rosie
2 - denison kimball trio - back in black
3 - c zeek scheck-wowy - the love song
4 - killdozer - let me put my love into you

sides 11-14: (released 2007)
DL: 11-14
1 - yowie - dunderduck
2 - collosamite - anti-christ devil child
3 - pre - dirty deeds done dirt cheap
4 - mule - have a drink on me


pinto said...

I was so looking forward to to Volume 4 for years and just forgot about it after a while thinking it would never happen. So it came out a few years ago and didn't even know it. I was always curious what the mule cover would be like considering they always kinda reminded me of AC/DC in certain ways. Thanks

James Joyce said...

Hey Ipecac - thanks for posting this in its entirety. I seem to remember a CD compilation called "sides" put out by Skin Graft at one time, but I somehow never picked that up and the singles were so expensive at the time they were around I also flaked on picking them up. I did see ACDC last Saturday, and it was unbelievable.

Mega-leg said...

The Killdozer track taint unRARing.

ipecac said...

mr. joyce,

you were one of the inspirations for this getting posted as you were very enthusiastic in you're liking of the posting of the first volume way back when

as for killdozer not unraring...we'll take them aside and have some words with them

Payasocastillo said...

vale loko quien quiera que seas, cualquier tiempo buscándolo. Soy fan de ACDC y de las bandas Skin Graft, a quienes conocí primero por Arab on Radar, vamo bajandoooo, jajajaja


thiob said...

Thanx a lot!

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