Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Copass Grinderz - Rock 'N Roll

Label: King Records
Year: 1997

By internal request, here's the Copass Grinderz live album, "Rock 'N Roll".
I bet if your mom (assuming she's still alive, otherwise, my condolences on your loss, she was  undoubtedly a beautiful woman and in a better place now) asked what kind of music your band played, and you said "noise rock"; this is what she would envision. Legitimate rock n roll music that just so happens to be noisy. Not "noise rock" in the sense of Unsane, but "noise rock" in the sense of Dinosaur Jr. Noisy.
As I mentioned, it's live, but it's an official release, and the sound quality is perfect. The song selection takes you through the gamut of styles this band tends to hopscotch through...punk, garage, metal, noise, grunge, and straight up rock. So, when the cover of "I Wanna Be Your Dog" shows up, you're not at all surprised. Your mom might be (or might have been if that's the case), but you won't.


Mars said...

My Mom lived behind Crosley Field back in the late 60's early 70's where the infamous Iggy - Peanut Butter incident @ the Cincinnati Pop Festival happened. Since she bragged about sneaking into tons of shows and being that she would have been 6 mos. preggo with me at the time, I asked her if she saw the Stooges. Her response was classic:
"Oh, honey, nobody liked The Stooges".

I got to see Zeppelin in '71 or '72. Don't remember it!

Jackmort said...

YES!! Copass Grinderz!!!!

Anonymous said...

link has broken...
please, re-upload (´・ω・`)

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