Thursday, October 29, 2009

stnnng - dignified sissy

released 2005

this one goes out to "noisebreather"

this is the band's first album...and it's still more of same of what could be found on their second album(which can be gotten here) has the david yow-like qualities that i'd made reference to in the review of the other album...but there's some at the drive-in thrown in...and a little bit of pissed jeans (maybe that's what would happen is david yow fronted at the drive-in)...and some shorty/us maple...and maybe a little bit 'o butthole surfers

it sounds so tight that it appears to be falling apart

make any sense?

maybe i'm just rambling

and with lyrics like "we sing for panty-sniffers/and the grossly overweight/aren’t you proud to be an american?" and "i'm sick/sick/sick of all this ancient pussy" ( just need to hear the song "my golden oldie") need to have this

so get this

DL: dignified sissy


Matt Anderson said...

a fucking great record.

also, i can't get back into the forum to thank whoever left that Hell No link for me. i appreciate and i hope you get this thanks.

Mr. Amsterdamned said...

That would be me, Mr Anderson: Mr Amsterdamned aka MasterWolf. Your gratitude is much appreciated. And Mr Ipecac, this is indeed & most certainly a 'putting-penis-in-vagina' aka 'f***ing' great record. Cheers!

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