Friday, October 23, 2009

pachinko - behind the green pachinko

released 1996

by "mega-leg" asking for their SPLENDOR IN THE ASS II: ELECTRIC BOOGALOO album over in the forum reminded me to post this album

and if you weren't around to see some of the previously posted pachinko...go here slackass

and for those that really aren't all that familiar with these me pull a quote out of my hat:

"these wisconsin-ites played something very much akin to the jesus lizard and shorty (and yes...i'm aware that's sort of redundant) mixed with some black flag and some cherubs"
-some guy

DL: behind the green pachinko


Mega-leg said...

Sweet! Thanks Ipecac! Still no "Ass Splendor" though, huh?

Mega-leg said...

Never me got hooked up on the board. Shiver me timbers!

ipecac said...

oh...there will always be ass splendor

now with less air quotes

Isabel tenedor said...

broken link :(

Anonymous said...

repost please..

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