Thursday, October 1, 2009

Hey Colossus - Happy Birthday

Label: Riot Season
Year: 2008

We don't post too much "new" stuff here, as there are plenty of other spots on the internet (or record store) to find new releases. But every so often there is a band that is so good, yet so under the radar that we feel obligated to get the word out. It is my sincere hope that after hearing this record, if you like it, you would please go out and purchase this record. You would go see this band play your town. You will buy one of their t-shirts. You know the drill.
So without any further ado.
Hey Colossus are huge (not physically, in fact they seem to be in good shape), their riffs are mammoth footprints that resonate off the face of mountains. Their tone is thick and smothering. The vocals are blown out cries for vengeance against a treasonous civilization. 
A little light listening, you know? 
Big, punishing sludgy rock. What else do I need to say? If you are liking the NWOBNR (I just coined's the New Wave Of British Noise Rock), Part Chimp, Todd, Lords, or Shit and Shine, then this fits right in. They are from London and all.

* Re-up'd 10.02.09 - Due to reports of "funkiness"


EarthreceptoR said...

I'm excited to hear this. Someone at work was talkin' about these guys awhile back... I have never heard them before. Thank you for sharing!

Chairmaker said...

Part Chimp, Todd...will download.

Mega-leg said...

Am I the only one having problems getting this to DL?
It's saying decompression failed and doing other goofy shit. I usually don't have many problems like this...

Gray said...

try it again, because it worked for me. if it's still a problem, i can re-up it. no problem

proven hollow said...

download is all funky-like.

Mega-leg said...

Got it to work now. Thanks Gray!

Anonymous said...

Awesome. Thanks!!! I need to track down more of this and get it.

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