Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Red Fang - Tour ep 2

Label: Wantage USA
Year: 2007

Alright, amidst criticism that we were getting too soft over here, please allow me to turn up the volume for you, cut the sleeves off your shirt, shotgun the first Busch with you, and get you fired from your shitty job. Here we go.
Mega-riffs that run out of he hills to raze your village, burn your fields, slay your elders, and pillage your women-folk. Rock and roll assault, that's what this is. Executing to the fucking tee, this band knows their way around a boogie, that's for sure. And lest you think, "why Red Fang, why here?". First of all, please. Secondly, this band ain't no hipster invention trying to cash in, this band features members of Last of The Juanitas, Party Time, Dark Forces, Lachrymator, Facedowninshit, Shiny Beast, Bad Wizard, All Night, and Trumans Water. Bands you like, or at least should. So these gentlemen are perfectly aware that mixing classic thud rock with art damaged SST metal yields a potent brand of heavy hearing loss. The good kind of hearing loss. The Karp, Saviours, Sword, Torche kind of hearing loss. Shit worth losing one of your senses over. They do a fucking Dust cover for Christ's' sake! Dust, the classic rock band that featured future Ramone, Marky! That Dust.
I think there is a member of this band that checks in here occasionally, so I hope they don't mind this post. Let us know otherwise. 


nickabe57 said...

I'm convinced! But I've been singing the praises of this band anyone who likes rock and roll for a while now. Quit thinking about it so much! its rock! you like rock, i like rock...lets fucking rock!

TONA said...

Red Fang are one of the best rock
bands on this planet. And i am
completely serious.

James Nihil said...


Sqiar said...

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