Thursday, September 10, 2009

More Melvins ranting / Making Love Demos

Well, there has been a lot of talk about the Melvins on this blog and as a huge Melvins fan i still haven't put in my 2 cents. I guess the question here is.. Big Belvins: Good or Bad? First off... there's no such thing as bad or boring Melvins material in my mind. Are they still heavy as hell? Yes. Just in a different way. I guarantee if you see the new lineup with 2 drummers you won't complain.

That being said, after catching one of their 25th anniversary shows I remembered how great it is to see Buzz and Dale do their thing sans Big Business. Maybe the whole Melvins/Big Business thing has run its course. Big Business is becoming an incredible band without the Melvins as well. (Have you heard Mind the Drift? It's awesome)

My point is, you have to appreciate Nude With Boots and (A) Senile Animal for what they are without trying to make them something they aren't. I appreciate the fact that they're doing something different and are still relevant. If it isn't your thing then put on Bullhead and wait for their next release.

As I'm sure most of you have heard Nude With Boots, here's a controversy free release that I'm sure will be pleasing to everyone.

Melvins - Making Love Demos 2007

1. Creepy Smell
2. My Small Percent Shows Most
3. Dime Lined Divide
4. Excess Pool
5. Vile Vermillion Vacancy
6. We Got Worries Here
7. Let God Be Your Gardener
8. Repulsion


Lo-Res Viscera said...

I don't expect anyone to agree w/ me, but having Big Business in the band SUCKS. Just seems like rehash throwaway shit that didn't make it to previous Melvins albums, but with a sludgy Karp tone to it.
Not bad, just not that good. Or new. Or unique.
Something the Melvins used to be known for.

The last record by them that I really enjoyed - and wish they would have kept "going in that direction" was the one they did with Lustmord.

I'll always love them, but for their early catalogue - not the trife stuff they put out now.

1009 said...

For the bitrate-conscious (@320):

David Snusgrop said...

Melvins with Big Business is fucking ace.

They've made some of their best work with BB.

1009 said...

Is it out-of-line to argue for the Matt Lukin stuff?

One of the cool things about the Melvins/Buzz&Dale is their willingness to pursue any musical goal they may have at any time. Right now it's more radio-friendly (I guess?) than in previous eras, but remember this is the band that covers KISS, Alice Cooper, and Fleetwood Mac (not to mention Nirvana with Leif Garrett singing!). No doubt the BB stuff will continue for some time and then they'll be on to the next thing. From what I've read of Buzz's interviews the past few years, he's been really happy with the current Melvins arrangement, saying that he feels like he can do anything he wants these days. If that's truly the case then I'm sure the next record will sound wildly different, with Jared & Coady or without.

Anonymous said...

it's still 100% better than the majority of the crust/powerviolence garbage posted on LRV

Mars said...

Not real big on their wanton Kiss worship as of late, but no band that has been around for that long is gonna make all of their old fans happy.

Yes, I'll go back to Gluey, Ozma, Bullhead, Eggnog, Lysol and Houdini. After that it was kinda downhill to my ears. All in all that's a really high quotient of killer, near flawless records, and although I never warmed up to Stoner Witch, I can't say they ever flat out sucked.

Anny, no one likes a superfan. You embarrass yourself.

dgen said...

yeah BB is great, and when I first got 'mind the drift', I hated it. The more and more I listened to it, the more I appreciate it now, just as the 'nude with boots' stuff.. thanks for the post.

1009 said...

Let's not forget that the KISS cover was on *Houdini* & the Alice Cooper cover on *Lysol*. The series of solo albums, definitely wanton KISS worship (albeit with a slight dose of irony) was *Lysol*-era. I think the change from that stuff to the current stuff might be overexaggerated by long-time fans. That's not to say that everyone's not entitled to his own preference.

With the Melvins it's almost always "his," isn't it?

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