Thursday, September 10, 2009

Drunk Tank - Drunk Tank

Label: Radial 
Year: 1991

File this one under: Golden Era Of Noise Rock. 
Thin, trebley, guitar shrapnel? Check.
Thudding, looping, bass that drives the songs? Check.
Pounding, off-kilter drums? Check.
Gruff, growling, manic vocals? Check.
Got their start in Chicago? Check.
Sounds like the band just got off their shift a the glue factory? Check.
Produced by Steve Albini? Check.
Yeah, that'll pretty much wrap things up here. I believe you have enough information to make an informed decision about this one.
If it helps, I will say this is the cd version of the album, which also includes the bands first two 7"s as well, "Hayride/Mary Worth" and "Leadfoot/Scissors". 


Al said...

I got into this band after hearing Hog Ditch on the Mesomorph Enduros comp. I just find it really fucking weird to have a noise band with no distortion. The whole thing sounds like it'd crush your skull if it wasn't so clean and trebly. But I like 'em even more for it.

PETE said...

Was just thinking about posting their singles, the 1st one 'Leadfoot/Scissors' is probably one of the finest noise rock 7"s ever. If a band put a 7" of this calibre out today it would still hold as above average. The 'Missing' single (last one from 93 I think) is in A Dazzling Killmen direction. Excellent stuff

Matt Anderson said...

well, alright then.

nice work, as usual.

Matt Anderson said...

this is a pretty fun listen. vox remind me of early Rorschach.

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