Sunday, September 13, 2009

melvins - 1991 - the off ramp - seattle,wa

this was some additional stuff put on the SALAD OF A THOUSAND DELIGHTS (found over yonder) flick when it got re-released on dvd back in 2003

this has a very "like you're actually there" quality to it...and you'll find yourself wanting to either slap the person that filmed this...or slap the back of the guy's head that's standing in front of you (you know...if you really buy into that whole "like you're there" thing)

and not only that...i've provided you with some stills of dale crover standing on his stool wearing his speedo

AND you even get a handy dandy idea on where to keep those pesky drumsticks when they're not in use

dig in!

1 - oven
2 - if i had an exorcism
3 - boris
4 - kool legged

DL: pt.1
DL: pt.2

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