Sunday, September 13, 2009

Halo of Flies - "Music for Insect Minds"

Here's something that i find pretty cool - "Music for Insect Minds" by Halo of Flies. This is basically a collection of hard to find material such as singles and songs from compilations. Halo of Flies brand of dirty punk is addicting, and this is a must have for any HoF fan. Enjoy.

1. Tired and Cold
2. Wasted Time
3. Death of a Fly
4. Ain't No Hell
5. Spit it Out
6. Ballad of Extreme Hate
7. No Time
8. You Get Nothing
9. Headburn
10. Easy or Hard
11. Father Paranoia
12. Drunk (In Detroit)
13. Garbage Rock
14. D.D.T. Beat 69
15. One Barrel Spent
16 I'm Clean
17 Richies Dog
18 How Does It Feel To Feel
19 M.D. 20/20
20 Pipebomb
21 Sinner Sings
22 D.D.T. Fin 13
23 Can't Touch Her
24 Rubber Room
25 Thoughts In A Booth
26 Human Fly
27 I'm A Bug
28 Jagged Time Lapse
29 Clowns


Mars said...

I'm a recent convert and, HOLY SHIT, do I love Halo Of Flies! I really liked their latter singles (Tired & Cold, Wasted Time) where the Freakbeat / Psyche / Mod influence is fully integrated with their noisier leanings. A big influence on my new groups direction, for sure.

The new H*O*F stuff is nuts, very shambling and under the grip of dub production, but with the sing songy backing vocals - crazy shit.

Anonymous said...

btw, the word is 'addictive', not 'addicting'.

Anonymous said...

Wow who the hell cares?

Thanks for the upload, Halo of Flies is great

Anonymous said...

спасибо большое, охрененная ваще группа!! thanx!

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