Thursday, September 24, 2009

Local H - The Nirvana Covers Show

Label: Bootleg
Year: 1997

I am posting this particular record as a cultural oddity more so than a "great record you need to hear today". You see, Local H was this band that people said sounded like Nirvana, and at the time Nirvana had just kinda happened, so it was like, why bother? You know? So I didn't. I didn't bother with Local H. I remember seeing a music video by them and thinking it was fine, but not anything worth getting too concerned over. I'm sure they're fine people, and they might be a fantastic band, I don't know. Based on this bootleg, it seems that they at least have a sense of humor (or at least I hope they're not taking this show seriously).  
Nirvana holds enough sway with me, that I'll usually listen to someone covering the band, just out of curiosity I suppose, so when this record crossed over my desk, I had to give it a listen. 
I listened, and now I'm deleting it off my computer, but thought it was worth offering up to the interwebs first, in case there were others out there like me, who would at least want to hear it. 

Maybe, if you're lucky (i.e. I get off my fat ass) I'll post another band doing another show of all Nirvana material, the infamous Goat Punishment nee Weezer rocking the Casbah in San Diego back when. That's pretty worthwhile listening as well.

All this just serves to prove how good Nirvana were. Those motherfuckers knew their ways around a good jam. 


Arthur Rambo said...

This is pretty cool, not something to keep as you said, but still great to hear. I uploaded the Goat Punishment files to save you the trouble. Thanks for all the great music.

Generic Cialis said...

A friend of mine plays on tribute band for Nirvana, they play every weekend and the place is always full.

Anonymous said...

Snagged the Local H Nirvana covers out of curiosity. Now looking for the Goat Punishment stuff since the Megaupload link is dead. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Could you upload that show again?

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