Thursday, September 24, 2009

Craw - Celephais

Label: Self released
Year: 1991

I think this was requested some time ago, and I've sorta resisted posting it here, as I don't think it's a good representation of what the band sounds like. Granted, they actually did sound exactly like this at one point, as it is in fact them writing and performing these songs. But what I mean is that, this was their demo, and over the course of some 7"s and four albums they played within a certain sonic template that evolved, but always remained recognizable as Craw. This demo is a bit of an anomaly, as it sounds different from all of their other recorded material. The production is one aspect, but more importantly, the actual song writing is not as well defined or honed as would be seen on subsequent releases. Craw's trademark are/were (are they a fucking band still, or what?) their staccato time signatures countered with big full waves of thunderous sound. It's an unbelievable triumph when they are rocking out, almost unmatched in all of Christendom. 
But...then I remembered...I'm not in the band. I probably should stop trying to speak for the band or decide what portions of their catalogue are fit for human consumption. I'm just a fan who maybe gets a little over-protective. Sorry guys. Sorry Craw. I'll let the music speak for itself. And shit, if this is Craw's "worst" material, I'll take it over 90% of the "best" material that gets churned out by inferior bands any day. Hail Craw!


Matt Anderson said...

craw > most every band ever.

i've never heard this before or of it, actually. looking forward to waking up the neighbors in the morning.

Anonymous said...


Another good post. Makes me thik I oughta give up the anon schtick and give ye folk something resembling an identity...
We'll see.
Anyways, I already have this one; but sinsere frickkin' cheerses for puttin' it up.
Moderately late night drunkards are us.

Terry said...

Craw really are the #1 unsung band for me... so much careful in so much grand noise...I hope these guys know how special their efforts are to so many...

ILR said...

While stylistically the demo tends to stick out from Craw's discography, I personally consider it a better album than the subsequent Craw LP. The faster, more unrefined versions of Eidolons and Wordfall are more effective here

The final two songs are also among Craw's highlights. The relatively straightforward noise rock of Gimmie 12 and 24 Hour Something-or-other is something they never revisited, which is a bit of a shame since apparently they were very, very good at it.

styggs said...

stumbled across a nicely done job. Sounds really good. And as long as the link is dead...:

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