Wednesday, September 9, 2009

fudge tunnel - teeth ep/in a word

TEETH EP released 1992
IN A WORD released 1994

this goes out to grAy and fred and "anonymous" well as all you other fudge-a-teers out there

i had originally planned on posting IN A WORD...but then i got to reading the comments in grAy's posting of the peel session they'd done...and i saw that someone had wanted the TEETH now y'all get get both of them

i remember the time i bought the TEETH EP (at a disc jockey of all places)...a friend and i were at the mall...and all i had on me was about $10.00...and my friend was being all like "bro,you're not gonna find anything for $10.00 at the mall"...and just as the word "mall" left his mouth this girl came walking by...i'm pretty sure she had a mullet...and she was wearing a motley crue t-shirt...kinda white trashy looking (which would've usually fallen under the heading of "my type"...but something told me to stay away,will robinson)...and i nodded in her direction and said "well...there's something"...and i don't know why...but by me saying that he let out a laugh so loud that i thought he was either going to wet his pants or vomit or both...but i'm getting away from the fudge tunnel point...i'd found the TEETH EP in a cheap cd bin (it was priced at $4.99)...and as we were leaving the parking lot i began to unwrap the cd and was going to put in into the car's cd player and he got all like "no way man...none of that hate rock"...but me being the friend that i was did it anyway...and by the opening sludgy guitar riffage of "s.r.t." he was hooked (it's really hard for me to listen to that song and not want to play the air drums)

and then there's IN A WORD...which seems like a thrown together at the last moment for the fans kinda complilation made up of a few peel sessions they'd done...some live stuff...and a few covers (it closes out with a pretty sweet cover of black sabbath's "changes"...making it sound less sad and more i'm-upset-and-you're-gonna-sit-in-that-chair-tied-up-and-listen-to-me-while-i-threaten-you-with-this-bottle-i'm-drinking-out-of)

"the british helmet"...i wasn't thinking that in the past "employee"...but i shall be from now on

so take my hand...we're able to go on a journey through the fudge tunnel once again...and as gnarly as it're coming too,grAy

DL: teeth ep

DL: in a word pt.1
DL: in a word pt.2


Anonymous said...

Again, vurry nice. Never had IN A WORD 'til now.
Btw, thanks for pointing out my Bloarzyed 7" upload; as far as power duos go, those folks are among my favourite and that single is such fun.

Anonymous said...

Again, yet again, very nice. 'For Madmen Only' is a UK Decay song, and they've outshone the original here.
Thank you muchly, wonderful bastard.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for "Teeth". Half a year ago I bought "Hate Songs" on vinyl with a sticker that it came with this EP but I got it Teethless. In early 1990s I had both on a pirate casette like 90% of my music these days. It's been Wild Wild East here. Rom

Employee said...

I meant "the british helmet" in the most tender, loving way. My heart bleeds true for both groups. Hell, I named my daughter Page. Hope I didn't taint things for with that comment.

ipecac said...

there was no sort of tainting involved

it was more of an "oh yeah! i can totally see that" sorta thing


it needed to get said again

dgen said...

finally you post 'in a word', I feel this album was completely overlooked.. did not know there was a peel sessions (figured there was) NOW if someone will post any 'son of crackpipe', I will be most in debt. thanks for the teeth ep, been lookin for theez.

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