Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Drunkdriver - My Chinese Sister

Label: Drone Errant
Year: 2008

Sometimes, every once in awhile, you gotta put on some music that just blows your fucking speakers out. Something to annihilate those things, to melt the cones down to tar. Some music without pretense that takes one giant lurch back before hitting "play", then proceeds to hold you down and punch you about the head and neck for the duration of their stay. 
Drunkdriver will do just that for you. They will, and you know, I think they take great pride in providing that service. They should, they're quite adept at it after all. This band seems to view music as assault...but in a good(?) way...kind of.
If you like your punk so completely, balls out, turned-all-the-way-up style, but with a Suicide tinged art slant (sooooo basically like Hawks, if you like Hawks you will like this), then this one is for you. It is loud. It is overbearing. It doesn't relent. And it will get your girlfriend so out of the mood, they might as well use it as birth control. 
Assuming you have a girlfriend.
Originally this was released as a cassette in an edition of 150, and it's currently out of print.


Anonymous said...

Aw shit.
More of the good stuff.
I used to have this tape, and now I gots it again. Sort of. Muchly thanks of the prime order.

Anonymous said...

Oh, those cassette singles...

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