Monday, August 24, 2009

Young Ginns - Young Ginns

Label: Honeybear
Year: 1998

Here's the back-story to this band; Justin Trosper and Brandt Sandeno used to be in a band called Unwound, who were pretty much, totally awesome, all the time. Well, they were on tour in Washington D.C. and staying with friend Tim Green, who used to be in a band called Nation Of Ulysses, who were also pretty much, totally awesome, all the time (that is if course, if you ignore that jazz skronk bullshit...). During their time in that home, the three began to hatch a new band plan, based on a shared love of all things vintage SST. You can't fault them for that can you? It tool a few years to really get things going due to the fact that the rhythm section and vocalist resided in Washington State, and the guitarist resided in Washington D.C. If you can't see the inherent problems in that relationship, get a globe.
Once they all arrived together in Olympia though, the Young Ginns were off and running annihilating that week, and then that week, and then the following week, and even the week after that. They were pretty much "week annihilators", which is a pretty sweet gig if you can get it. And as I said, they were going for SST worship, so their name had to pay homage to the greatest guitar player in history, and proprietor of the greatest record label in history (at one point...give me a break alright). "Young Ginsbergs" was a phrase used to describe new writers, so the fellows played on that and called themselves Young Ginns. Brilliant!
In the end, they did capture some of that old SST lustre, but filter that through the Gravity Records lens, and you get a more accurate picture of their sound, think Heroin, Unwound, Lava, etc. playing mid to late period Black Flag. Not bad eh?
This is their discography, released a few years after the fact. 


Mars said...

There's a Void cover, tooooooo!

James Joyce said...

We are starting to creep into Gravity territory here. Might I request that we start hitting the highlights of that catalog?

Gray said...

i think young ginns are one of the highlights. what did you have in mind?

i won't bother with the heroin stuff because that's all over the internet, but maybe some crom-tech? lava? antioch arrow?

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