Monday, August 24, 2009

Mad Daddys - "the Age of Asparagus" 2001

2001, R.A.F.R
1. Daddy Needs a Mama
2. Blonde on a Bum Trip
3. Everytime I Lose My Mind
4. Good N' Stoopit
5. Shake it Like Ya Mean It
6. Cochring
7. King of the Wild Frontier
8. I'm Mad
9. I Gotcha
10. (I'm Gonna) Die of Rock n Roll
Here's a really fun album to start your week off - What can i say about this other than that its fun, psychedelic, sorta sleazy, macho, catchy punk rock. The Mad Daddys have such a signature style that you have to love. Standout tracks for me are "(I'm Gonna) Die of Rock n Roll" and "Everytime I Lose My Mind". Give it a listen and enjoy..

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