Friday, August 28, 2009

V/A - Multi-Vitamin Compilation

Label: Punk In My Vitamins
Year: 1999

As far as really good bands go, Unwound was a really really good band. At least I think so anyway. So, when a band that's really really good, starts a record label, you would hope that the records they put out would be really really good as well. Again, this is just what I think.
Well, Unwound started up Punk In My Vitamins and the first thing they released was a Karp cassette that accompanied the original fanzine of the same name. Not bad. Then they put out a Karp 7" and their own bands' album. Alright, nice, real nice. And from there they scoured the Northwest and beyond for like-minded musicians who shared a penchant for distorted bass, feedback, and off kilter screams. All until a few years ago, when the whole enterprise just sort of went silent. Kind of about the same time Unwound went silent.
Soooooo, in case you missed out on the label during their active times, here's a compilation they put out of most of the bands on their roster...which is a pretty fucking impressive roster.
The bands on this record are:
One Ton
Bunnyfoot Charm
Long Hind Legs
New Bad Things


Anonymous said...

hi there,
any chance to repost "Pull" by Arcwelder???

thx. and cheers!

reservatory said...

Unheard sliver of Unwound. THANKS!

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