Monday, August 31, 2009

King Snake Roost - From Barbarism To Christian Manhood

Label: Aberrant
Year: 1987

Some time ago we posted the last King Snake Roost full length, but it's been awhile, and frankly, too long without more of this nasty bands' spiteful tunes. This album was their first, and even though it was released on the other side of the world in Australia (g'day mate), it was loud enough and ugly enough to get the attention of Amphetamine Reptile Records who would re-release it later. Since the Bloodloss record was posted just the other day, I feel I should mention that Charlie Tolnay spent some time in Bloodloss, as well as Lubricated Goat, Tumor Circus, and Bushpig. 
This record has a little less of the palm muted blues based riffs, and puts the bass way out front in the mix, so the overall sound is less "heavy" than "Ground Into Dirt", but to my ears it's more nasty and strange than "Ground Into Dirt", so, do with that information what you will. You should have this record pollute your ears at least once in your life though. It's kind of "one of those things", you know?
I had to steal the album cover from Lucidmedia, who posted this record last year some time, sorry dudes, but it's the only digital version I could find, and I'm far too lazy to scan anything.


Mars said...

Thanks Gray.
I've tried these guys a few times over the years but they was a lil' too 'bar rock' at their center from what I recall, but I'm older and more open minded now so - I'll check again.

noisebreather said...

Don't worry about "stealing" the album art, It was my post anyway. (I ripped my 12"... )It should have been posted here, none of those dorks @ Lucid even appreciated it...

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