Saturday, August 22, 2009

Thomas Jefferson Slave Apartments - No Old Guy Lo-Fi Cry

Label: Rockathon
Year: 2000

The epitome of "snotty". Primitive styled rock-n-roll that veers into the punk realm on it's way through the bar. N'ah mean? Kind of a less "cultured" Guided By Voices (who's leader Bob Pollard released this record), but easily an "as drunk" Guided By Voices. They were contemporaries of New Bomb Turks and Gaunt in the Columbus, Ohio music scene of the mid 90's, but were not as aggressive as either. Maybe if you happened to be a fan of Pipe (and I'm sure there are fucking legions of you out there), and tended towards the slower numbers, then you'd probably be into this record. A Grifters fan would probably like this too. 

Is it hot where you are? It's hot in Atlanta, but I gotta get some shit done in the yard, and then there's talk of a bike ride, so...  


cdb said...

Oh man, post that Pipe record that had "Figure 8" on it. I haven't heard that shit in ages.

Gray said...

didn't i already do that? or is "figure 8" on a 7"? is it on the same 7" as "human cannonball"?

Anonymous said...

Damn, this is pretty good... and to think I lived in columbus, ohio in the mid 90's and never saw these guys or the New Bomb Turks. Think I saw Gaunt once... and strangely remember a band called the G-Spot Tornados... always liked that band name. Anyway, thanks for posting great stuff as always!

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