Friday, August 21, 2009

the swine - flock of pigs

released 2009

this is a guy that goes by the name of aaron m. (what's the "m" stand for? perhaps "meatbyproduct"...and yes...i realize that's actually 3 words combined into 1...but dammit...this is the SGM...and if i wanna do that to words i can!)

aaron m. is from ottawa,canada

the first thing that's going to come to mind when you listen to this is: godflesh

and then maybe you'll hear a little bit of the jesus lizard...a little bit of fudge tunnel...a little bit of unsane...and even a little bit of some early swans

but what sold me on the whole thing were the words "sludge cover of in-a-gadda-da-vida" in the email aaron m. had sent to me (though it's lacking in a drum solo and about 10 minutes)

and here's a quote from the man himself: "if you're wondering why the quality sucks, it's because i record everything at home and have shitty equipment. sorry :( but hey, at least i get a false sense of legitimacy out of it."

DL: flock of pigs

and of course his space

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